Full Body Workout Using Hex Dumbbells

When it comes to sculpting a fit physique or enhancing strength, the versatility and functionality of Hex Dumbbells can't be overstated. These specialised dumbbells offer an excellent means to target various muscle groups effectively while ensuring safety and comfort during exercise.

What Are Hex Dumbbells Good For?

They allow for a diverse range of exercises, targeting multiple muscle groups. From simple movements like bicep curls and shoulder presses to complex full-body exercises like lunges and deadlifts, hex dumbbells offer versatility in workout routines.

The hexagonal shape prevents rolling, providing stability when placed on the ground. This stability is beneficial during exercises that require the dumbbells to rest on the floor between sets.

Hex dumbbells are excellent for building strength and muscle mass due to their ability to provide resistance in various movement patterns. They are an ideal addition to home gyms due to their compact size and versatility, enabling effective workouts even in limited spaces.

What Are Hex Weights Made Of?

Hex Dumbbells are engineered for success. Their chrome-plated steel handles boast a knurled grip, ensuring a secure hold without causing discomfort or strain on your hands. The addition of vulcanised rubber encasing the head not only safeguards floors and surfaces but also promises durability, allowing you to push boundaries in your workouts without worrying about damaging your training space.

Moreover, the adaptability of these dumbbells mirrors that of barbells, opening doors to an extensive array of exercises. This versatility makes them a quintessential addition to any workout regimen, regardless of available space or training environment.

However, upon unpacking these premium dumbbells, it's essential to note the protective lubricant coating. To prevent any markings on your floors and ensure a pristine workout experience, wiping down the dumbbells before use is highly recommended.

How Do You Use Hex Dumbbells?

Using hex dumbbells is straightforward; grasp the handles firmly, ensuring a comfortable grip without straining your hands. You can incorporate them into a wide array of exercises, adjusting the weight as needed for different movements. With it, you can also maintain proper form and technique during exercises to prevent injury and maximise effectiveness.

Workouts You Can Do With Hex Dumbbell

Goblet Squats

Goblet squats help you build lower body strength training, and when paired with VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells, it becomes a powerhouse exercise.


  • Begin by gripping a single hex dumbbell vertically against your chest, holding it close to your body's centerline.
  • Descend into a squatting position while maintaining an upright posture, ensuring your back remains straight and your chest lifted.
  • Engage your core and push through your heels to ascend back to the starting position.
  • Repeat these controlled movements for a complete set, focusing on maintaining stability and form throughout each repetition.

Tip: Experiment with varying weights to challenge your muscles progressively while maintaining proper form.

Single-Arm Rows

Single-arm rows are an effective exercise for building back strength and stability, which are enhanced with the use of VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells.


  • Position yourself with one knee and hand on a bench, the opposite leg planted firmly on the ground.
  • Hold a dumbbell in one hand, allowing it to hang straight toward the floor.
  • Pull the dumbbell up toward your hip while keeping your elbow close to your body, engaging your back muscles.
  • Lower the weight under control, feeling the stretch in your lat muscles, and repeat the movement on both sides for a balanced workout.

Tip: Focus on the contraction of your back muscles while controlling the lowering phase for optimal results.


Lunges is a versatile lower body exercise, which is further intensified when performed with VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells.


  • Take a firm grip on a dumbbell in each hand, keeping them by your sides.
  • Step forward into a lunge position, ensuring your front knee remains aligned with your ankle while lowering your back knee toward the ground.
  • Push back up to the starting position, utilising both legs equally, and switch to the other leg to complete a well-rounded set of lunges.

Tip: Maintain balance and stability by engaging your core muscles throughout the exercise.

Shoulder Press

Enhance your shoulder strength and stability with the dynamic shoulder press exercise using VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells.


  • Begin by holding dumbbells at shoulder height, palms facing forward.
  • Press the dumbbells overhead until your arms are fully extended but not locked out.
  • Lower the weights back to the starting position under control, feeling the engagement in your shoulder muscles.
  • Repeat the motion, focusing on a smooth and controlled movement pattern.

Tip: Avoid arching your back excessively and use a weight that allows for proper form without strain.


Deadlifts is a fundamental compound movement that takes on a new dimension with VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells.


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells in front of your thighs with a neutral grip.
  • Hinge at your hips while maintaining a straight back, lowering the dumbbells toward the ground.
  • Engage your glutes and hamstrings as you return to the starting position, ensuring controlled movement throughout.

Tip: Focus on maintaining a neutral spine and activating your posterior chain muscles for a powerful deadlift.

Chest Press

The chest press is a staple in upper body workouts and is elevated with the inclusion of VIRTUS Fitness Hex Dumbbells.


  • Lie on a bench, holding dumbbells above your chest with palms facing forward.
  • Lower the weights down to the sides of your chest while maintaining control and stability.
  • Press the dumbbells back up to the starting position, feeling the contraction in your chest muscles.
  • Repeat the movement pattern while focusing on controlled breathing.

Tip: Adjust the angle of the bench to target different areas of your chest muscles effectively.

What Kind of Dumbbells Are Good?

The "goodness" of dumbbells depends on individual preferences, fitness goals, and the workout environment. However, some qualities to look for in high-quality dumbbells include:

Durability: Opt for dumbbells made from sturdy materials like steel and rubber, ensuring longevity despite heavy use.

Comfortable Grip: Look for handles with knurling or textured grips that provide a secure hold without causing discomfort.

Versatility: Consider dumbbells that allow for various weight increments or those suitable for multiple exercises to accommodate diverse workout routines.

Stability and Safety: Choose dumbbells that are stable on flat surfaces and have protective coatings to prevent damage to floors or injury during workouts.

In conclusion, a full body workout routine using Hex dumbbells presents an accessible and effective means to achieve overall fitness. Consistency and dedication to this regimen will undoubtedly yield significant improvements in strength, endurance, and overall health.

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