This project included a complete Re-Design of the space, Supply and Installation of new Functional and Strenght Equipment and Management of the client’s existing Cardio Machines.

The biggest challenge of this project was the consolidating and scheduling of all equipment and material, from 8 different manufacturers spread across the UK, USA and Asia, enabling us to achieve the Client’s requirement of a “Single Delivery and Installation”.

The Scope included:

  • 250m2 of 18mm Rubber Flooring Flooring
  • 50m2 of Customised Turf Sled Track
  • Custom Designed and Built “Up and Over” Bridge Rig
  • Boxing Accessories from Exigo
  • BLK Box HIIT Self-Powered Treadmills, Bars, Plates, Plyoboxes, Sandbags, Slam Balls and other Functional Accessories.

Following an intense coordination and delivery process, we were massively proud of the team who worked across nights and weekends, completing the final Delivery and Installation at 8pm on Christmas Eve 2018, 1 week ahead of the Client’s deadline.



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