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VIRTUS Technique Bar (7.5kg)

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The VIRTUS weightlifting range is designed to cover you from the basics to elite-level performance, and everything in between.

This is why we have developed the 7.5kg Technique Barbell, a versatile tool to help athletes build muscle safely, develop strength gradually and to hone their technique.

Whether you are a beginner looking to develop sound movement patterns with confidence or a more experienced athlete looking to fine-tune your performance, the VIRTUS Technique Barbells have a place in your training program.

The Technique Barbell features a soft touch knurling for maximum comfort without compromising grip, dual IWF markings and no centre knurling.


- Dual IWF markings
- No centre knurling


- Bar length 1830mm
- Shaft diameter 28mm
- Sleeve length 240mm
- Sleeve diameter 50mm
- Bar capacity 90kg

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