Unit 27 Launches In Dubai

We first met Unit 27 founder, Dayle Hallam, over coffee back in 2015. It was crystal clear, even then, that Dayle and his famed Unit 27 were destined for big things.

Dayle speaks with raw passion. There's a drive within his ambitions that you don't often see these days. Brands have a tendency to lose their personality over time, especially as they grow. No danger of that happening here.

After a series of let downs, Unit 27 paused their 2015 plan to open a Dubai location. Rather than opening their own sites outside of Thailand, the focus shifted to building a franchise model. Given the enormous success of their iconic Phuket facility, franchising made a whole lot of sense.

Hard work, ambition and a little patience has paid off - with the first Unit 27 franchise site slinging its doors open in Dubai.

In Dayle’s own words:

Unit 27 Dubai is a first class, purpose built facility which caters to all levels of athletes and follows the same morales and principles in which Unit 27 has built over the course of the last 9 years - Trust, Loyalty & Professionalism. The results of our clients speak for themselves, but more so the community that has been built within Unit 27 Dubai separates us from the rest.

The first of several franchise sites planned around the world - Unit 27 Dubai delivers a unique experience. Their training methods bring together groups of people, with an authentic community feel. It feels like family, without losing focus on the individual.

Set over 2 floors in a freshly converted Al Quoz warehouse, Dayle, and franchise partner Simon, have thought through every last detail. Big, comfortable change-rooms, locally inspired artwork and smiling faces everywhere. This is no slap-dash.

Then there's the gym.

Unit 27 has created an environment that doesn't intimidate you but makes it known - you're there to work. Alive with colour, but nowhere to hide. Superior classes with trainers dedicated to the Individuals who attend them. It's what's made Unit 27 in Phuket a global name and one of the most popular Fitness Destinations in the world.

We were delighted to be chosen as the Gym Equipment and Flooring Supplier for Unit 27 in Dubai. We've stacked it with the latest BLKBOX Equipment and custom built accessories, including:

  • 4-Bay Functional Training Rig
  • 24 AssaultBikes (we think this is a record in the Middle East...)
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • Almost 100 Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Over 1,500kg of Bumper Plates
  • Dual-Lane Sled track with custom made Prowler sleds
  • 360 Square Meters of high-density slip-resistant rubber flooring

… and a custom made Steel Mace Ball to release your inner warrior.

Unit 27 Dubai owner, Simon Cotsworth, was kind enough to share a few words on his experience working with us.

We’ve seen what VIVO have been able to provide in the UAE and they didn’t disappoint. We had an extensive list of equipment needed and it was delivered and installed with ease. Direct contact with Tom helped ensure we were up to date with delivery times and fit out.

Unit 27 offers a range of membership options, including free-class passes so you can try before you buy. The longer term memberships also provide great value. Private consultations, free merch and access to a members only social group on Whatsapp are features of all their membership plans.

Unit 27 is located in the Mag Warehouse Complex (S05-105) in Al Quoz Logistics Park. Conveniently beside The Espresso Lab for your pre and post workout caffeine hit.

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