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Strength Belt

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The Picsil weightlifting belt is designed and engineered to support your core in exercises where any assistance is a new RM.

New improved hoop and loop (velcro) to support the most extreme weights. We have lengthened the grip area to give a larger velcro surface area to maximise safety in the RM.

The new rubberised logo on the end makes for a more comfortable grip and creates quicker, safer fit transitions.


Picsil Grip Sizing

Size 1: Protect Your Hands
Size 2: Protects Your Hands and Fingers

How To Choose:

  1. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the length between your wrist and your fingers (see above image)
  2. Based on the measurement, choosing either Size 1 or Size 2, find the grip size that best matches.
MEASURE Size 1 Size 2
Less than 8cm | Less than 3.14″ XS S
8cm – 9cm | 3.14″ – 3.5″ S M
9cm – 10.5cm | 3.5″ – 4.1″ M L
10.5cm – 11.5 | 4.1″ – 4.5″ L XL
11.5cm or more | 4.5″ or more XL XL

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VIVO Promise

All of our products come with the VIVO promise, something we’ve stood by for the last 7 years. That means if your equipment is faulty or fails to deliver on its promise we will replace it.

Picsil Knee Sleeve Sizing

First, You need a measuring tape to measure the contour of your knee.

Second, stand up and measure your leg at the knee height (yes, the knee joint)

Size in cm Size in inch Size
29.00cm – 34.30cm 11.41inch – 13.50inch S
34.30cm – 35.70cm 13.50inch – 14.05inch M
35.70cm – 38.50cm 14.05inch – 15.15inch L
38.50cm – 41.5cm 15.15inch – 16.33inch XL